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Merry Christmas

Posted: December 22, 2011 in books, e-books, Kindle, reading
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Well it’s our last day here at the office until January so to celebrate, as well as having Ballerina and The Memory of Trees at half-price on our website, we have also reduced the price of Gabriel’s Gate on Kindle to €2.60 + VAT…

A very Merry Christmas to you all! (“,) – The Book Republic Team.

Breaking Down Genres

Posted: December 14, 2011 in books, publishing, reading, writing
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Bookstores break down books according to genre for easy shelving and categorization. Agents and editors do it so they can tell writers what they like and are looking for. As helpful as this is to the business and the reader, this can seriously mess a writer up — especially if they aren’t sure what genre they fall into.

I can’t tell you how often I see “what genre is this?” posts on the writers’ boards. I always feel for the writer, because it has to be frustrating to be so unsure what you’re writing. But here’s a tip:

Not every book falls into a genre. Sometimes it’s just fiction.

“Genre” is a term that refers to the books that have some strong element in them that defines them as a particular type of book. There are required tropes, and if you don’t have those, you’re not that genre. Readers expect to see those tropes and are disappointed if they’re not there. Read more>>>

Don’t Tell Me I Can’t is now available to buy at the Amazon Kindle store at the great price of $5.99 + VAT.

Born without arms or legs due to Thalidomide, life could have turned out very differently. From growing up in a working class family during the Troubles of Northern Ireland, to the USA and back again, this story is of one woman’s determination to live life to the full.

Through support of family and friends, as well as sheer determination Leigh overcame prejudices, lived through the Troubles in Northern Ireland, escaped life with an alcoholic husband while raising two babies, only to find love again.

This is not the story of a “victim” but instead one of a woman who has learned and grown through the experiences life has thrown her way, has never let anyone steal her dreams and is still an activist working for dignity and respect for all people with disabilities.

The launch of Diary of a Ryde by Joanna Ryde is taking place this evening at 6.30pm inAndrew’s Lane Theatre, Dublin 2. There will be performances by Joanna and her dancers as well as a drinks promo, and the book will be for sale at €14.99. All are very welcome to attend!

New ‘eBooks’ Page

Posted: November 18, 2011 in books, e-books, Kindle
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Have a browse through our new ‘eBooks‘ page on The Book Republic Blog. Many of our titles are priced at €2.99 and under to celebrate the Christmas period…

Rain, rain, go away…

Posted: November 11, 2011 in books, e-books, Kindle
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On a dreary day like this, I would recommend reading a book that takes place in a sunnier part of the world…
For a limited time only, The L.A. Commandments – Gillian Duffy is only $2.99 + VAT at the Amazon Kindle store.


The L.A. Commandments – Gillian Duffy

Joanne Kavanagh and best friend Suzie pack their bags and swap dreary, depressing Dublin for the cool Californian coast. Both are determined to start a new life in the land of opportunity, leaving behind the recession and their complicated families.

They make a pact at the airport to stick religiously to the ‘LA Commandments’, a list of ten ‘Thou Shalt Nots’ for their new life in LA, including ‘Thou Shall Not Fall in Love,’ but when Jo befriends sexy, shy musician Marc, and Suzie falls for womanizing bar-man Chris, not only are the commandments at risk of being broken, but also the girls’ hearts…

With all California has to offer —sunshine, shopping, killer nightlife, and drop-dead-gorgeous men, will the girls stay faithful to the LA Commandments?

A busy week…

Posted: November 7, 2011 in book launches, books, Uncategorized

What a hectic weekend! First we launched Ballerina at The Helix, Dublin. Next up was Leigh Gath’s appearance on the Late Late Show on Friday. Finally, we launched Don’t Tell Me I Can’t in Limerick on Saturday followed by a Ballerina signing at Town Hall Theatre, Galway.
Thank you to everyone for attending all events!

Don't Tell Me I Can't Full Cover

Here's a preview of the full cover for 'Don't Tell Me I Can't' by Leigh Gath

The book is now available to buy from the Book Republic website.

This October Book Republic author Mick Rooney shall be taking part in a mini blog tour for his novel ‘The Memory of Trees‘. Mick Rooney has been writing books for nearly thirty years and has published nine books, so were looking forward to seeing what these blogger’s think of his newest book ‘The Memory of Trees‘.

The blog tour is due to take place 30th  Sept – 13th Oct, and the bloggers that are taking part are:

  • Catherine Ryan Howard- Catherine Caffeinated  here
  • Ellen Brickley – Pink Tea and Paper  here
  • Sue Collier- Self- Publishing Resources here
  • Shannon Yarbrough- The LL Book Review  here
  • Helen Hollick- My Guests here

Why not check out these blog posts, and we will keep you updated as the dates draw closer!


Banned books…

Posted: September 28, 2011 in books, reading, tree books
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Seeing as it’s banned booked week, Book Republic decided to give you our top ten list of banned books. Many of the books which are banned shocked us so its an eye opening read, enjoy!

Here is a listing of then books that are controversial and often become banned in American schools. This list was not picked based on the number of challenges or bans in place. Instead, it was a sampling of the different variety of books that are banned or challenged each year.The list looks at more popular books that are often objected to. Much of the information concerning the reasons for the challenges came for the American Library Association.

  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

This book by Mark Twain has been challenged and banned in numerous locations and times because of its incessant use of racial slurs including the “n” word.

  • The Catcher in the Rye

This book by J.D. Salinger uses profanity throughout along with the portrayal of events like prostitution, depression and ailenation.

  • To Kill a Mockingbird

The novel by Haper Lee has been challenged over the years for its use of profanity and racal slurs.

  • Bridge to Terabithia

This book by Katherine Paterson was recently turned into a movie by Disney. It has been challenged or banned because of the disrespect the children show to adults,  the confusion of combining fantasy with reality, and profanity.

  • The Lord of the Flies

This novel by William Golding has been challenged and in many cases banned because of its use of profanity, sexuality, racial slurs, and excessive violence.

  • Of Mice and Men

This novel by John Steinbeck has been banned because of its use of profanity. Often cited are the use of the Lord’s name in vain along with the use of racial slurs.

  • The Color Purple

The Pulitzer prize winner novel b Alice Walker has been challenged and banned over the years because of its explicit sexuality, profanity, violence, and use of drugs.

  • Harry Potters Series

These books by J.K Rowling have become a frequent target as they are often challenged and sometimes banned. The most common reason cited is the use of witchcraft and the fear that fantasy and reality could become confused for children. However, some challenges have arisen over the violence it portrays.

  • Slaughterhouse Five

Kurt Vonnegut’s has been challenged and banned because of its profanity, violence, and explicit sexuality.

  • The Bluest Eye

This novel by Toni Morrison was one of the most challenged in 2006 for its profanity, sexual references, and unsuitability for students.